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Our Smooth-Sailing Workflow

Stage 01

  • a. Get in touch with us through mail or by phone call or registering by booking on line.
  • b. Vision Creations will schedule an appointment with our highly experienced design engineer.
  • c. Our design engineering will make a comprehensive understanding of your needs.
  • d. You will receive a design proposal.
  • e. After the design is approved, you will receive a tentative quotation based on your material selection depending on your budget.
  • f. Just pay us 10% and let the Design work begin.

Stage 02

  • a. Our best design engineer will visit your home for analysis to suit best design and for physical measurements.
  • b. With all the proposals and decesions made by you, our design engineer will finalize the layout plan, units, sizes, locations, and materials for modules, finishes & fittings.
  • c. You will receive a meticulously planned 2D and 3D model of your entire home interior which gives you a crystal clear picture even before the installation.
  • d. After the design is finally approved , you will receive the final quotation.
  • e. Appreciate our work by paying 50%.

Stage 03

  • a. Manufacturing of the approved modular products takes its place with engineering precision at our factory.
  • b. Simultaneously our project execution team will make sure all the necessary civil, electrical & false ceiling works are completed at your home.
  • c. The modules are successfully manufactured and the civil works at your home are successfully completed.
  • d. Appreciate our blistering work pace with the remaining 40% of the payment.

Stage 04

  • a. The products are shipped and delivered to your home.
  • b. The installation of the modules begins and will be completed as per the scheduled time. Our top-notch work will be completed in 7-8 working days.

Stage 05

  • a. After the installation is successfully completed, our quality control team will inspect the entire interior work with an eye for detail.
  • b. All the operational procedures are demonstrated for you and your dream interior is delivered.
  • c. Now it's time to celebrate and enjoy your dream home.
Now you are a member of the Vision Creations family. For any post-sale services, feel free to get in touch with our stellar customer care service.